In total, about 530 GPs attended the first 3 ‘ Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists’ Seminars conducted in the first 7 months of 2019.

Our first seminar, titled “ Community Acquired Infections” was held on 9 March 2019 at the Regent Hotel. Other than our ID Physicians, Dr Lam Mun San speaking on “ Update In Skin And Soft Tissue Infections (SSTI): What’s New?”, and Dr Wong Sin Yew on “ Community Acquired Pneumonia’, invited speakers included Dr Jean Sim, Associate Consultant, Infectious Diseases Dept, SGH who presented on “ Urinary Tract Infections: Your Best Antibiotic Choice” and Dr Reuben Wong, Gastroenterologist of gutCARE Digestive · Liver · Endoscopy Associates. Dr Reuben spoke on “Infective Gastroenteritis: Antibiotics Or Not?”

All the speakers used case studies to illustrate teaching points to the family physicians during this seminar.

There was an overwhelming response with over 220 plus GPs in our second seminar held on 4 May 2019, “Addressing the Gaps in Vaccine Preventable Diseases” . There were total 5 speakers including guest ID specialists from the restructured Hospitals, including Dr Ray Lin and Dr Lee Tau Hong from NCID, TTSH and Dr Loh Jia Shen from Sengkang General Hospital.

The 5 ID Specialists spoke on various topics including outbreak of mumps and measles, what are the gaps in adolescent vaccinations, preventing pneumonia with a focus on influenza and pneumococcal disease, reducing morbidity and mortality in the elderly through
Vaccinations and travel vaccinations.

Our sponsor, Pfizer, for this seminar introduced registration for the seminar and for the GPs to provide feedback using a link or using QR code. Response was good using these new platforms.

On 6 July 2019, the ‘ Meet The infectious Disease Specialists Seminar on Tale of 3H Viruses was held.

The guest speakers at the July seminar were Dr Benedict Yan, Head of Molecular Diagnostic Centre, NUH, who presented on ‘ New Molecular Tests and Improving Patient, Dr Rajneesh Kumar , Consultant at Dept of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at SGH on ‘ HCV Eradication’ and Dr Yang Wei Lyn Senior Consultant at TTSH on ‘ New Insights in the Management of HBV’.

The 5 speakers provided a concise update on the latest research in the management of HIV, HBV and HCV infections.

The response and the feedback was positive for all 3 seminars and many GPs requested for more topics on infectious diseases to be included for our future seminars.

We wish to thank our 3 sponsors, namely Bayer, Pfizer and D’Auriga for their funding support in providing the venues, meals and refreshment for the participants.

We are also very grateful to our invited guest speakers at each of our seminars for making our seminars successful. Their involvement allowed us to provide new topics and also a broader range of perspectives in the management of infections. Thank you again to our guest speakers!!