Our Beliefs

About Us

What We Believe In


To be the leading specialists in infectious diseases

Mission Statement

  • We seek to be the specialists of choice by providing high quality, personalised, comprehensive and affordable care for patients with infections
  • Our philosophy towards patient care centers on the pillars of timely prevention, safe and effective treatment, and education
  • To be the employer of choice by providing a conducive environment for learning

Our Core Competencies

Clinical Excellence

IDS group is staffed by specialist clinicians who have many years of experience in diagnosing, treating and preventing infections in patients. The main core competency of our group is safe and efficient patient care. Our group was first established in 1999 with one clinic and has expanded to 3 clinics at different locations around Singapore. We focus on a seamless transition between outpatient and inpatient care for patients with complicated infections.

Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Infections are common in the community and many infections can be adequately managed by family physicians. We focus on postgraduate education of family physicians in the area of infectious diseases. As experienced clinicians, we utilize real life cases to highlight relevant practice information to our colleagues in family medicine. We have been an accredited CME provider since 2011.

Business Excellence

 IDS group understands that provision of good clinical care must be adequately supported by a robust set of clinical and business processes that ensures transparency, accountability, quality and safety. We focus on staff training and subject our clinics to external audit. Our clinic at Gleneagles was the first private specialist clinic in Singapore to attain JCI accreditation in 2013.

Staff Development

The company prides itself as an organisation that is committed to staff development and skill upgrading. Staff training is an important focus and involves acquiring up to date technical knowledge and developing new skills to enhance patient experience at our clinics.

Patient Charter

Our Commitment To You, Our Patients

  • We will treat you with dignity, respect and compassion
  • We will provide information and explanation about your condition, treatment and medication
  • We will ensure that our staff practise appropriate infection control precautions to reduce transmission of infections within our clinic
  • We will evaluate your level of pain and discomfort and alleviate this as far as possible
  • We will ensure that all your medical information will be handled with privacy and confidentiality
  • We will provide transparent communication with you and your guardians
  • We will provide information about your clinic bills

Your Responsibilites

  • You and your loved ones will provide complete and accurate information about your medical history (present and past), treatment and medication
  • You will inform us of any known or suspected transmissible infections so that we can take precautions to prevent transmission of infections within the clinic setting
  • You will participate in decisions about your treatment plan. You will follow the recommended treatment plan and take responsibility for any consequences if you do not follow the doctors’ and nurses’ advice and instructions
  • You will show respect and consideration to the doctors, nurses, clinic staff and our other patients
  • You will be responsible for all payments arising from the services provided by our clinic and staff during your inpatient and outpatient care

Our Logo

  • Dots represent cells
  • The dots are formed into a globe
  • Blue represents trustworthy, dependable and dedication
  • The red dot of the alphabet i symbolises life and vitality
  • Together, the dots are arranged in a ripple effect signifying growth and expansion