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Teleconsultation Services at IDS

Since April 2020, our infectious disease physicians have been offering teleconsultation services to our existing patients and also to new patients. Many of our overseas patients have not been able to travel to Singapore because of the current restrictions and teleconsultation has provided an alternative means to continue their care with us. Some of our local patients also use this service if they are fearful of the ongoing community transmission of COVID19 infection and do not wish to move out of the safety of their homes. Many of our recent teleconsultations have also been for new patients who have not been able to access healthcare advice due to the COVID19 pandemic in their countries, especially when the healthcare systems were overwhelmed.

All our specialists and clinic staff have completed the MOH online course on teleconsultation and are certified to conduct this service.

Teleconsultations are a safe and effective way to assist in evaluation of patient’s diagnosis and treatment, minimizing the risk of disease transmission.

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