Professional Development

Professional Development

Training & Education

To ensure continuous improvement in our group, our medical specialists and staff attend conferences, seminars and courses to enhance our knowledge, technical skills and work towards service excellence. Our specialists continue to transfer their knowledge of Infectious Diseases to family physicians and other specialists at regular CME sessions via our ‘Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists’ Seminars.

Training for Staff

As staff training is an important focus on development of all our employees, staff are sent for courses which are targeted to improve patient experience at our clinics. Some of the courses include service excellence or ‘technical’ courses for the clinic staff like infection control, HIV, infectious disease conference, patient safety, root cause analysis, risk management , Bizsafe 2. For the finance & Admin staff, they are sent for courses on HR, employment Act. For senior staff nurses, they are sent for supervisory, leadership courses to name a few. Staff would then share what they have learnt at the seminars, workshops with other colleagues.

CME (Continuing Medical Education)

Every year, with the support of pharmaceutical companies, we organise 4  ‘Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists’ Seminars for family physicians. The seminars are on different topics in infectious diseases like HIV, vaccinations, viral and bacterial infections, pneumonia, antibiotic use etc. All our seminars are approved by SMC and accredited with CME points.

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