Our Services


(a) Initial Consultation/Teleconsultation

$216 – $378

(b) Follow Up Consultation/Teleconsultation

$108 – $216

(c) Extended Consult for Complicated Cases Exceed 30min

$86.40/15 min block

(d) Out of Office Emergency Consultation at A&E

$432 – $648

* Consultation Fees DO NOT INCLUDE cost of medications, injections, laboratory tests and other investigations (eg. X-Rays), etc.

(a) General Ward $270 – $432/day
(b) Critical Care Unit $378 – $540/day
(c) Additional charges will be levied for reviews after office hours, extended consultation for complicated cases and first consultation for patients with prolonged hospitalization
(a) Dressing $64.80 – $129.60
(b) IM / SC Injection $32.40
(c) IV infusion (1 hour or less) $75.60 – $162
(d) Minor Procedure: – Dressing, removal of PICC line $43.20 – $162
(e) Pre-departure Covid 19 PCR Test (only at Gleneagles clinic, Monday to Friday) $95.90
(f) Pre-departure Covid-19 ART (only at Gleneagles clinic, Monday to Friday) $35.40
Standard $324
Specialist (depending on complexity) $864 – $1,620
(a) Chickenpox (Varivax) $90.00
(b) Conjugate Meningococcal (Nimenrix) $160.00
(c) Dengue (Dengvaxia) $199.00
(d) HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) (Gardasil 9) $294.00
(e) Hepatitis A (Havrix 1440) $97.00
(f) Hepatitis B (Engerix B) $44.00
(g) Hepatitis A&B (Twinrix) $115.00
(h) MMR* (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) $33.00
(i) Pneumococcal (Apexxnar 20) $189.00
(j) Rabies* (Rabipur) $250.00
(k) Shingles (Shingrix) $421.00
(l) Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Boostrix) $57.00
(m) Typhoid (Typhim) $48.00
(n) Yellow Fever* $230.00
(o) Influenza Package (Inclusive of Injection Charge) $48.60
For more information on the vaccinations listed below, please get in touch with our clinics:
I) Japanese B Encephalitis (Imojev)*
II) Japanese B Encephalitis (Ixiaro)*
III) Meningococcal Group B Vaccine (Trumenba)*
IV) Pneumococcal (Pneumovax 23)*
V) Pneumococcal (Prevenar 13)*
VI) Polio* – only at our clinic at Mount Elizabeth Orchard*
*Appointment is required

Please note:
All charges stated are inclusive of prevailing 8% Government Tax Rates (G.S.T). Charges are correct at the time of posting and may be subject to change. All vaccine charges are effective from 12th October 2023.

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